It actually feels like it’s been about 3 months since I’ve written one of these. Did I even do a February favourites? I honestly couldn’t tell you. March has felt like such a long month! Really quite glad that it’s almost April. April feels like a lot more of a Spring month; I just hope the weather agrees with me and I can be outside and warm and happy.


The first obsession is a BIG one. I have no idea what caused the sudden urge to buy loads of off the shoulder items of clothing but it happened and I am digging it and I cannot stop wearing them. All the things I bought are super affordable – from Primark or Boohoo – and I don’t think I could’ve picked anything better to start transitioning into a Spring wardrobe. The jumper aspect is enough to keep you warm whilst it’s not baking hot, but should it warm up, it’s easy enough to throw a thin jacket on and it’s plenty. 


I had been meaning to pick up this foundation for SO long, but only just got around to it earlier this month. It’s a lot lighter than most of my other foundations so it actually makes my skin feel like it can breathe and isn’t a total nightmare to take off at the end of the day. It’s not the usual kind of coverage that I like but when I put concealer on, it actually looks pretty good. It makes my skin look so radiant and doesn’t turn cakey at all. I think I may have finally found a drugstore foundation I like! 


I’m not really, really big on haircare but one thing I cannont be without is heat defence spray. I try not to use a lot of heat on my hair, but any heat styling tools are obviously very hot and it just never feels right using it on my hair without something to protect it. I’ve used a few different sprays, but this VO5 one is right up the top of my favourites. I use this when I’ve just come out of the shower and my hair is wet, and also directly before using my straighteners or curlers when my hair is dry. I avoid my roots though because my hair is greasy enough without adding anything else. This smells amazing at makes my hair so shiny every day – it actually looks healthy! 


Following on from the heat defence spray, the hairstyle I’ve been doing pretty much every day since chopping my hair is loose waves. When my hair was longer, I would use my curlers to do pretty tight curls which were pretty cute, but new hair calls for new styling methods. Just google how to curl your hair with straighteners and that should do it. I did consider buying some larger barrelled curlers but I’m already poor enough without wasting money on more styling tools that I don’t need.


Would it really be a favourites post if there weren’t any food items? For the past month I have been attempting to give up crisps so I was willing to try any alternative out there. I’ve already exhausted my love of popcorn by having several bags a week so it was time to move on to something else. Some of my friends had quinoa chips so I decided to give them a go. Unfortunately, they also make my skin pretty bad so they’re not a good alternative to other crisps, meaning I have to avoid them more often than not. They’re so damn good. (And they’re vegan.)

What have you been loving throughout March?