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We were blessed with several of the nicest days ever recently so my usual habit of sitting inside and binge-watching Netflix was tossed aside in favour of some exploring. I really enjoy being outside when the weather is nice and I also really enjoy not having to wear a jacket because all my jackets ruin my outfits.


On Mothers Day this year we headed to Falkland to explore the woods there. We went to see the really cool waterfalls that you could walk behind and we did not get to see them as we got a little bit lost trying to find a cafe. We also found a map on our way out and discovered there are also some witches caves somewhere in the insane amount of woodlands so we’re already planning on going back to investigate those a little more.

We came across an old, empty school building that we walked around and I attempted to take photos of. This is the only good one in about 60. All the fountains around the building were empty and most of the windows were boarded up – we assumed it was totally empty until we saw a man standing at the window watching us. Little bit creepy. There were also some escaped chickens and a couple of pairs of abandoned football boots that were literally caked in mud.

There was also this pretty cool door that made me feel like a proper blogger. Note to self – get some properly fitting jeans. All the full length photos make me cringe because my jeans look awful. Also I swear I don’t have a spare tyre or a baby bump (as much as I’d like one), it’s just the way my top is creased.

The thing I love most about Spring is definitely the flowers. I love to photograph them, they make me very happy. There’s not quite as many as I would like but there was enough to take some pretty photos. My favourites are cherry blossoms – I could look at them all day. If someone would like to buy me a cherry blossom tree for my garden that would be great.

I must admit I felt like a bit of a hipster at first with the hat and shirt combo but I actually really, really like it. The hat is from H&M and the shirt is from Zara. The tshirt is from Primark and is my favourite item of clothing right now – I love it, and for £3 I could probably stock up on a wardrobe full.

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