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I’ve taken quite a lot of time off blogging throughout my short time doing it so I feel like I’m somewhat of an expert at being a blogger but not blogging. It’s difficult when you feel like you’re not enjoying blogging anymore so I thought I’d just kinda share my tips on how to beat the demotivated feeling and my thoughts on jealousy in blogging.

In my experience, your blogging motivation will always return if you just give it enough time. I start to miss it after a few weeks and need the satisfaction of hitting publish and people enjoying what I’m writing. I definitely wouldn’t recommend writing when you don’t feel like it – if you’re not fully into it I believe it shows in your writing. Plus, for most people blogging is a hobby and you should enjoy it. I suppose even for full-time bloggers, it’s still somethhing that should be enjoyed but obviously there is more pressure to produce content more frequently. I always keep a little back up of several draft posts that are readily available should I feel as though my blogging break has gone on too long. The response to your posts might just be the thing that gets you back into blogging.

It’s also okay to admit that blogging maybe isn’t for you and you need to take an extra long break – maybe even a permanent one. I’ve come across a few people who are all very talented writers but don’t feel as though they fit into the ‘blogger’ category. It can be quite a specific stereotype and when you say you’re a blogger, people automatically assume you write about fashion and beauty and for some people that just isn’t true. I feel demotivated quite a lot because I just don’t feel fulfilled writing about beauty products and my outfit photos never look as good as other bloggers’, but I don’t always have enough ideas to write about anything other than what’s sitting in front of me. Sometimes that’s the easiest thing to write about though, a little review post can get you back into the swing of things very quickly.

I struggle a lot with jealousy within the blogging community. It’s a bad bad thing and if you can avoid it – do. I constantly feel like my photos and my content aren’t as good as everyone else’s and that makes me want to stop blogging altogether. I don’t tend to get jealous about brand opportunities because that’s not why I blog – sure, it’s nice when brands reach out to you and recognise your hard work but I don’t blog for recognition. And this is not me saying that wanting to work with brands is bad! I think almost every blogger dreams of making it big enough to work with at least one very well established brand, myself included. Anyway, back to the point I was making – photography is a huge sore spot for me. I do like my camera but I just feel like it doesn’t live up to the standards of other bloggers’ photography. Maybe it’s my compositions or my lighting, I definitely don’t have enough props or variety in my photos. The only thing to do is to work on the things that I’m unhappy with and get them to a standard that’s right for ME. Although there is a massive community aspect within blogging, it is very much an individual hobby and your content and photography should be what you enjoy and what you like, you can’t compare yourself to other bloggers because you and your blog are different. 

Yay for more rambly posts! Dunno what my point here was; does it even fully relate to the title? I’m honestly not sure. But blogging blues are a very real issue and I’ve had to work to overcome them quite a few times. I’m still feeling a bit iffy towards my blog and my content but I’m working on it and that’s all you can do. If you’re unhappy with something, only you have the power to change it.



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