I’m gonna try and do one of these at the end of every month so that at the end of the year, I can look back and relive each month again. Which is maybe not a good idea since I write about the bad stuff too, but life isn’t all sunshine and roses. February felt like it was over in about 3 days, and it also feels like literally nothing happened so this should be an interesting post.


I wrote a post last year about my struggles on the pill (which you can find HERE) but little naive me thought it would be okay just to swap what pill I was on and everything would be fine. Oh, how wrong I was. It literally took me until mid-February to realise that the pill was still making me act like a bitch and bringing my moods down way too much. So I pretty much just quit cold turkey, much to my mums disapproval. But I’m careful and I could not stay on that pill any longer – me and my boyfriend were one more week of arguments away from breaking up.

So now I’m just trying to decide what contraceptive I should go onto use now – I’m leaning more towards the rod but I pretty much know nothing about it. The doctors here are not the best and last time I went they didn’t seem to want to give me any information about any other contraceptive methods so that’s good. Also, how scary is the time leading up to your period when you first come off the pill?! No clue when it’s going to spring itself on me.


Can you tell I’m just grasping at straws here? Although, it was pretty cool. For someone who hasn’t really seen much wildlife other than maybe 3 seals and lots of squirrels, a whale was insane. There were pictures of it jumping out of the water, so I had high hopes, but all we saw was the whale doing the blowhole thing. SO DAMN COOL. It was totally worth almost freezing my fingers off.


Seeing as this reflection post is a little short, I’m gonna add in a little bit about what I want to achieve in March.

Next month, I am going crisp free. This is a massive step for me because I love crisps, I rarely eat chocolate. But crisps do not love me and I get big, painful spots every time I eat a packet so it’s about time I put my skin first and give up the crisps. If I can go the whole of March without any, I may reward myself with some but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, lasting the whole of March is a challenge.

I am also hoping for more success in the career area throughout March. I was hoping to be long gone from my old job by now but things haven’t quite gone to plan. I know it might look like I’m actually doing nothing and just sitting waiting for opportunities to happen, but I swear I’m trying! I just hope March is my lucky month.

What do you hope to achieve in March?

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