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So I know I’m 19 years old but I still feel like I’m spelling February wrong.

I kept forgetting how short a month February is and how little time I had to actually try out new products. I kept telling myself to write and schedule a post for the 30th and then it would hit me that there is no such date. Maybe I should go back to school. Despite this, I actually managed to round up a few things to write about. Go me!

First up we have some itty bitty Benefit products. I’ve not tried a lot of Benefit stuff – I love the Hoola bronzer and RollerLash mascara but that’s about it. I very thankfully got a few Benefit gift sets for Christmas and I only just got around to opening them all at the end of last month. I’ve tried Porefessional before but that was way back when I was a makeup rookie and had no idea how to use it and probably used it with Dream Matte Mousse. So now that I’m a little more experienced, I thought I’d give it another go and I really love it! It stops my makeup going all cakey and horrible and oily and it feels so smooth when you put it on. 

I’ve also tried High Beam before but it was at the same time as Porefessional and I didn’t know what to do with it. Now, I put this on my cheekbones before my foundation and blend it in with my finger and it actually gives me a really nice subtle glow. Of course, subtle isn’t enough for me but if it was it would be perfect – I have to put on another highlighter on the top but having this underneath definitely helps intensify the glow a little more.

Yay, a February Glossybox product! This is the cutest nail polish I’ve ever seen. I want bows on all my possessions.

I’ve been starting to paint my nails a lot more now that they’re actually growing and look good, so it was pretty much perfect timing to receive the most amazing nail polish in a Glossybox! This is the shade Iced Frappe and it’s a gorgeous pinky nude. It doesn’t make my hands look washed out and pale which is amazing and it’s a decent size so it’ll last forever. I’m definitely going to invest in some more Ciate nail polishes because they are amazing quality.

Because I have been painting my nails more often, they have been chipping more often. I got this top coat in a box ages ago but never used it because I never painted my nails – so now that I do paint them, I brought this back out. It has pretty much stopped all major chipping and it also makes my nails so shiny. I really like this and if I didn’t have it, I’d be walking around with half chipped nails all the time.

I’m gonna start this off by saying that on it’s own, this mascara does nothing for me. Buuuut, when I use it over the top of another mascara it’s incredible. I struggled a lot with my mascara smudging underneath my eyes and I had no idea how to stop it – I put a layer of this over the top and it’s done. No more smudging! It’s genius and I love it. I have long eyelashes and no smudges.

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This weird looking half-picture is a waist trainer. I’d like to clarify that I do not use this to make my waist slimmer (it’s just an added bonus), I use this to help with my lower back problems. At work, I’m sitting all day and if my upper back wasn’t hurting, it was my lower back. I don’t have the best posture ever and I kept seeing people posting about how their waist trainer helped their back problems, so I figured I’d give it a try. I got mine from Depop, it was only about £10 so if it didn’t work for me I wasn’t too out of pocket. Give it a quick search if you fancy one, I really love mine and it’s helped me so much.

I’ve never been much of a plant person but this succulent is the best thing that has ever happened to me. On a little trip to IKEA I stopped in the plant section and I could not leave this one. I wanted to take another 40 home with me but we’ll see how long I manage to keep this one alive. Apparently, they’re really hard to kill and I hope that’s true because if my plant baby dies so will I.

Last but not least is an app/website! The creator of Faver approached me and asked me test it out, and because I’m a nice person and cannot disappoint anyone, I said yes. Basically, it’s an app you can shop on – it has tons of different products and clothes that you can sit and browse through for ages. I love window shopping online (is it still called window shopping?) and this app aims to promote smaller businesses which is definitely something I support. Keep an eye out for it on the app store within the next few months!

What have you been loving through February?



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