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I don’t explore a lot where I live, which seems silly because there are so many amazing and beautiful places near me. I’m always desperate to go anywhere to take photos but it seems like there’s not enough days in the week and not enough places to go. Thankfully my mum is quite well educated in terms of photogenic places and what to do, so I usually rely on her for ideas.

Today we ventured out to Culross, which is only about a 20 minute drive from where I live. It’s a really cute little village, but it’s quite out of the way. From what we could see, there wasn’t even a newsagents. Where do you people buy your milk? I could not handle going all the way to the next village to get those essentials.

We found an adorable cafe called the Biscuit Cafe – the staff were so lovely and I obviously bagged the little window seat as soon as I saw it. I got myself a little pot of tea and a rocky road biscuit and sat just admiring this cafe and the surroundings. I could totally see myself sitting in that window seat with my laptop to do some blogging or with a book just for some down time. Plus I love when you get tea in a teapot because it just feels so much more grown up and you’re not limited to one cup. Ahh tea.

Most of the buildings here are extremely old – dating back to the 1600s. It seems surreal to me that they are still standing and still in a livable condition. We went to a little photography exhibit and the photographer was telling us stories about the history of all the houses. He said the house we were in at that point was haunted; there were old jail cells in the basement and in the room across the hall was where women would be tried as witches. My mum and I both love history so we were pretty much in our element! He also told us about a house that still had a pigsty in the basement – pigless, of course, because people live in the house now.

I couldn’t not take some outfit photos against the perfect white walls – it’s every fashion bloggers dream. Plus, I was really digging my outfit today and I just had to show it off. Knee high boots are my favourite shoes to style and I had been on the hunt for a jumper dress for a long time.

I feel like the rips in the dress fit well with the fishnets – I like how you can see them through it. Perhaps a little risque, but I’m workin it. Plus, the dress was only £11 in the New Look sale, how could I say no?

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I love the colour of this dress too; I feel like grey really suits me, and I don’t wear it enough. It was originally too long so I just used a belt and pulled it up a little, then folded the excess material over the best. It was hard to make it look nice and to make me not look like a mushroom.

Although it was just a tiny village, it was a really enjoyable day. I managed to snap some good photos and had some good tea. I love tea so much.

Where do you enjoy exploring?