In light of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share one of my favourite makeup looks to do at the minute – a matte brown smokey eye. I’ve never been very good at eye makeup but I’d like to think I’m kind of improving; hopefully if I do enough of these little tutorials I’ll be able to see some progress! This entire eye look is done using the Morphe 35OM but the regular 35O palette would work just as well!

Having already done my base and my eyebrows (which I might go into in another blog post) I start off with the shade labelled 1, which is a light brown shade that I always use a base colour. It’s hard to do tutorials and stuff with the Morphe palettes because the shades don’t have names! I sweep this one all over the lid and brow bone.

Next I use this Rimmel brown eyebrow pencil and just kinda colour in my eyelid, which I then blend out with my finger. I repeat this step twice on each eye just to make it a bit darker – I suppose eyeshadow would work just the same but it’s easier to keep the colour contained on your eyelid when you use a pencil.

I then go in with the shade labelled 2, which is a really dark brown. I start off light and blend it all over my eyelid, repeating this step to darken it as necessary. I like to blend this into the crease a little bit too, I feel like it flatters my eye shape more. It’s always best to start off with a very light hand when using dark eyeshadows – it’s much easier to build it up than to put too much on and have to take some off.

Finally, I use shade 3 and sweep that all over the lid. I blend all the colours together and put a little bit of shade 3 under the eye and that’s it done! If you fancy putting eyeliner on you can but I usually leave it because eyeliner is difficult and I think the dark shadows make enough of a statement by themselves. Just pop some mascara and nude or red lipstick on and you’re good to go!

I hope you enjoyed this sub-par little tutorial, if anyone recreates this look I’d love to see it!