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I did a skincare routine post a while back, like a good 6 months ago, and my routine has drastically changed since then. I swear the minute I posted it I changed up everything in my routine so it stopped being accurate very quickly. Anyway, today I’m just gonna delve into my nighttime routine as it’s a lot more extensive than the morning routine.

I would say I have very problem skin – I have a lot of redness, a lot of spots and a lot of uneven texture and skintone. So basically my skin sucks. It sucks a lot more when I don’t do my routine but y’know, sometimes we get lazy. One things I would say is always wash your face after taking your makeup off (I use Garnier Micellar Water) – I don’t feel clean until I’ve washed my face.

So after removing my makeup, I do a second cleanse with a hot cloth cleanser. Liz Earle’s classic Cleanse & Polish is my favourite, but a really good cheaper alternative is Superdrug’s Vitamin E cleanser. It comes with a little cloth and cleanses pretty much just as well. Superdrug’s formula is a little thicker and more watery than C&P but for about £4, you can’t really go wrong.

After that cleanse I use my little scrubby brush that I got in a Glossybox with either a pink grapefruit/tea tree face wash or the cleanser from January’s box. Glossybox has been an amazing investment for me – I’ve enjoyed so many of the products.

Every second night I like to use the Alpha-H Liquid Gold liquid exfoliator. This thing is magic; it stings when you first put it on but it works wonders. I definitely prefer this over the Pixi Glow Tonic, despite how expensive it is. Cult Beauty often do a 2 for 1 deal on Liquid Gold so keep an eye out because it’s a very worthy purchase. It helps to even out the texture of my skin as well as diminishing redness.

For a while I actually didn’t use any serums. They were all too expensive for little poor me so I just skipped this step entirely, which I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t do. A while back I invested in The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Anti Blemish Solution and I can’t be without it now. I don’t think it’s an actual serum but it definitely helps reduce my spots in size and redness.

After this I use a Superdrug Vitamin E serum (same range as the hot cloth cleanser) which just glides on and leaves my skin feeling so soft. Both of these were relatively inexpensive – I tend to stick to drugstore when it comes to skincare, apart from the odd bits and pieces, because I’m not at a point in my life where I can afford to splurge on good brands. Life.

In terms of spot treatment, the one product I keep going back to is a Neutrogena spot cream. It’s about £2, and I’ve not yet found anything that works as well as this. I’ve tried various prescribed creams for spots but nothing will reduce them like this little cream does. Even my boyfriend swears by it! I can’t see myself trying anything different because this just works so incredibly well for my skin.

The moisturiser I’m using at the moment is the Nip+FAB Kale moisturiser also from January’s Glossybox. It’s quite a thick formula and doesn’t distribute across the skin too well but as soon as I put it on, my skin looks more hydrated and a heck of a lot smoother. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this once it runs out. I struggle a little with finding decent moisturisers, I never know where to look or what brands to try, so thank god for Glossybox!

After moisturising I use tea tree oil on any spots and redness, which is something I’ve been doing for months and months and will probably never stop doing. Tea tree oil is a godsend, honestly. Sometimes after this step I will slather on a layer of coconut oil (usually only once or twice a week, if my skin gets particularly bad) because I find it also helps with redness and spots. Obviously, since it’s all oil I don’t do this too frequently due to my skin being oily enough already.

I then pop a little bit of Sudocrem on any awful spots I have and voila – bed ready!

It does take a little while to do the whole routine and it takes even longer to psyche myself up to do it but I definitely notice a difference when I don’t. My skin is nowhere near as nice as I want it to be due to my unrequited love of crisps, but my routine seems to keep the really bad breakouts under control so for now I can keep enjoying my Doritos.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my skincare routine!

What products do you swear by?



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