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1 month down, 11 to go. I’m gonna try and try new products every month this year so my favourites posts are a little more varied and not such a struggle to conjure up. That said, I am struggling for this months. Help.

50mm LENS

This was one of my Christmas presents and also my favourite thing in the world – it takes the most stunning photos ever. The only issue I’m having is you can’t zoom with it so there’s a lot more physical movement. Photo sessions have turned into a full body workout. Gotta get them gains somehow.

I’m trying to improve my photography a lot so this year I’d like to begin investing in a wider range of lenses. The 50mm is the perfect upgrade from the standard kit lens; it’s a little trickier to get used to but what is life without challenges? #philosophical


January has been an awful, awful month for my skin. It has been the most up and down I think it’s ever been – first I got a huge amount of spots due to my rapid consumption of a bag of cheesy Doritos a day and then the cold weather made my skin yucky and dry. Really did not enjoy that as my skin is normally super oily so I have no idea how to deal with dry skin other than exfoliate the shit out of it and then moisturise the shit out of it.

Mario Badescu is a brand I really enjoy; all the products of theirs I’ve tried have worked incredibly well and this spray is no exception. It had been sitting at the back of my box of beauty crap (fake tan, hairspray, 17 different body lotions) but during the dry skin spell I decided to whack it back out. I’ve heard really good things about rosewater in terms of skin and this leaves my face feeling so hydrated and refreshes – plus it smells so good. But also a little basil-y.


This moisturiser was one I recieved in the January Glossybox (which was an amazing box can I just say. Amazing start to the year.) and I’ve been using it religiously since. I’m not crazy on the smell but it’s a minor negative because the second I put this on the texture of my skin looks so much better. Like, my face just looks soft. And feels soft; but I try to not touch my face, which is hard when it’s so damn smooth. I think this will be the first ever Glossybox product that I actually repurchase.

I like Nip+FAB, I tried their Dragons Blood Serum and liked it a lot, I just never got around to repurchasing. It’s quite an expensive brand but out of the two products I’ve tried, both have been amazing so I definitely think it’s worth the money.


The beauty blender and this little orange sponge are both iconic beauty tools. I have 2, for some strange reason, but I honestly could not live without it. I used to use it to bake my face with a loose translucent powder but it works so much better if you use it with foundation/concealer/any base product.

The coverage is amazing and I genuinely think it helps my makeup stay on all day. When I use a foundation brush, the coverage is uneven and my oily chin wins the battle so by midday my makeup looks horrendous. Once you start beauty blending, you never go back.

See Also

My makeup skills are subpar at best; I always look at other people’s eye makeup and I’m just like what the hell?! I honestly think it’s a form of wizardry. I would love to be one of those people that can do crazy good makeup but it just ain’t me. Doesn’t mean I can’t try though!
I’ve never really been fussed for pigments or glitters or anything, but around Christmastime I went to my friend Zoe’s house and her eye makeup was so insanely gorgeous that I bought the set she used and I’ve never looked back. Of course, I have no clue how to use them or what I’m even doing but they’re beautiful. I’ve attempted to use them a couple of times and it’s never really gone very well but I’m just gonna perservere and hope one day some rad makeup skills magically appear.


I used to be such a massive fan of Topshop’s makeup – lipsticks and eyeshadows mainly – but I guess I just grew out of it. I get Topshop vouchers quite a lot for my birthdays or Christmas but I can never find any clothes that I like. This time round I decided to check out the makeup again to have a look at what was new in.

This is one of the most gorgeous highlighters I’ve ever used. It doesn’t look it in the photos but it’s this gorgeous irridescent pink shimmer that really pops in the light. For the price (£8, I think) it’s an amazing highlighter and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. If all their highlighters are this quality, they’ve really knocked it out the park.

So there’s all the things I’ve been loving throughout January! Not gonna lie, a little worried about February because it’s such a short month and I can just tell I will massively struggle with finding products I love for the favourites post. Why do I suck at favourites posts?

What things have you been loving through January?



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