Longest post title ever.

From my boyfriend for Christmas this year (last year??? Too confusing.) I very very kindly received the highly sought after Modern Renaissance palette by ABH. I did actually put this on the little list I gave him but he told me he wasn’t able to find it, the little sneak. I was always hesitant to buy it for myself because £40 for an eyeshadow palette is extortionate – big up to my boyfriend for actually parting with the money. So I’m gonna do the typical blogger thing and give it a wee review, because why not.

I’m obsessed with the colouring of this palette more than I am any other palette – the red and orange shades in it are unlike any I’ve ever seen before. I feel like pinks and reds really suit me and once I get over the ‘it’s too beautiful I don’t even want to touch it’ stage, I think I’ll use this every single day. (Update – have used almost every day.) The colours are so blendable and buttery and there’s not one that I hate. I use the slightly darker ones as a makeshift eyeliner because I’ve fallen out with my liquid eyeliner. It just adds a little more definition but you don’t need to be as precise and it‘s not as heavy.

Alongside the review today I thought I’d give you a little run down of one of the looks I love to do with this palette everyday. Obligatory disclaimer; I’m not a makeup artist and my makeup skills are subpar at best. But I tried, enjoy!

I started off by putting Tempera all over the lid as a base and then went in with Venetian Red in both the outer and inner corners. I blended them up into my crease and built up the colour until I was happy with it. It’s always easier to start off light with eyeshadow, it’s easy to build up colour but not so easy to remove it if you put on too much.

I then put Primavera in the gap in the middle (I’m so good at describing makeup things) and blended that into the pink. I then used a little eyeliner brush and used Cyprus Umber to not-so-neatly line my eyes. Then just pop on some mascara and you’re done! Relatively quick and easy and it doesn’t look like the worst thing ever.

I hope you enjoyed this lil review/tutorial/thing. Please ignore the state of my pores and my eyebrows and basically just my skin in general. The 50mm lens is amazing for detail, maybe a little too amazing.

Have you ever tried the Renaissance palette?

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