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I bought a LOT of beauty products in 2016 – probably too many. Today I’ve rounded up some of the products that I’ve loved and repurchased or used daily throughout the course of this year. I’ve rounded them into 3 sections – face, eyes and lips. Mainly because if I didn’t there would be no structure at all to this post and it would just be a jumble of photos and words. Enjoy!

It has taken me so so long to find a foundation that actually suits my skin type; I’ve tried pretty much all the drugstore ones but it never really occured to me to try out some higher end foundations. I first purchased this in June and was obsessed from the first wear, it doesn’t flake off my skin and it helps control my oiliness. I repurchased it just last week in the correct shade as me being me decided to get one shade darker because I was slightly tanned in June. I’m still not sure why I did that.

To set my foundation I always go back to the NYX setting sprays. I’ve tried both the dewy finish and the matte finish, and I prefer both of those to the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day setting spray. Plus, these are only £6 so you literally can’t go wrong.

This year I’ve really seen a massive difference in my skin – I’ve struggled with acne for years and this year I came off the acne medication I was taking due to it not working at all. Since coming off it I have actually seen a huge improvement which was kinda weird, but I’m not complaining. I’ve invested a lot in skincare products this month and the one that I cannot live without is The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Anti Imperfection Solution – I will repurchase this a million times because I believe it really helps to keep the sore spots at bay.

I still have quite a lot of redness from previous breakouts, so to help me cover that I’ve been using green concealers. I still find it a little difficult to get the balance right and sometimes areas of my face can look a little green under my foundation but it’s all trial and error. I couldn’t live without this now, sometimes I don’t even need to use another concealer on top on my foundation.

I feel like this year I’ve really begun to understand contouring and how to actually do it instead of just kinda slapping some bronzer on my face and that’s it. I also bought the Hoola bronzer in June; I’ve used it everyday since and I’m yet to hit pan. A little really goes a long way and it’s incredibly easy to blend.

For blusher I use this little NARS duo I picked up on holiday in Italy – Laguna and Orgasm. I didn’t like Laguna as much as I liked Hoola but Orgasm is the best blusher I’ve used, I can definitely understand why the hype around it is so large. Plus, isn’t NARS packaging so pleasing?!

Now the best bit – highlighters! I own a LOT of highlighters, I’d be nothing without them. I usually double up and use two so I have the most intense glow ever and I love it. I use The Balm’s Mary LouManizer on a day to day basis when I just want a subtle glow, but if I really want to go all out I’ll use either of my two Becca highlighters (Champagne Pop or Opal) then pop Mary LouManizer on top. It gives off the most amazing glow ever and I haven’t found any other combination that I love even nearly as much.

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So that’s all the things I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting on my face this year – keep an eye out for my Eye and Lip favourites which will be posted soon!

What beauty products for your face have you been loving this year?