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Welcome to the second of three Yearly Favourites posts! This one is going to cover the eyes and all the things I’ve loved putting on them this year.

I’ve been trying to experiment a lot more with eyeshadows this year instead of just doing the standard neutral brown – so I purchased the 350M palette a few months ago to give some peachy orangey colours a try. I fell in love with it from day one; the shades are so easy to blend which is handy for someone like me who cannot blend whatsoever. It’s also really easy to build up the intensity of the shades, whilst they are crazy pigmented they’re not so pigmented that you feel the need to wipe some off because you put too much on. I’m rambling now.

To apply the shadows I bought a Spectrum brush. Yup, one. Poor life. Anyway, I love the mermaid colours of the brush and it’s so soft – I have a few brushes that feel like they’re made from needles instead of bristles.

For a quick and easy fix on my eyes I’ve been using the Maybelline Color Tattoo eye…things. Paint? It’s like eye paste. I have the shades Pink Gold and On and On Bronze. Usually I’ll just smear some on with my finger then blend a brown eyeshadow into my crease if I feel like putting a bit more effort into my appearance. I love how they’re so quick to put on and it doesn’t look like you’ve just smeared it on – it looks like you’ve put in more effort than you actually have which is always a winner for me.

Literally the only mascara that I have found that actually works for me is RollerLash – with every other mascara my lashes are flat after about 10 minutes. This actuall keeps my lashes curles and nice and stuff all day long. I’ve already repurchased it twice and I’m nearing the time when I need to repurchase it yet again because it keeps drying out on me. I wish they wouldn’t do that.

This next one was featured in December’s Glossybox but I’ve been loving it for a good few months out of this year. When I first got it I was a bit confused because it’s a powder in a tube, you wouldn’t think that’s very practical. I use the Sleek Eyebrow Kit to get the general shape of brows and use this to fill in the gaps and make them darker; it works amazingly well and it’s super cheap!

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So that’s it for eyes too, of course there are more palettes and things I’ve been loving all year but for the purposes of this post I just had to narrow them down. Next up – lips!



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