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I literally cannot believe how quickly Christmas came around this year. Like one minute I’m sunning up in Italy in summer and the next I’m slowly turning to ice on my way from the house to my car. Madness. I did another little poll on Twitter to ask if anyone wanted to see what I got from Santa this year and a good 80% said yes. So here you go!

My main Santa present this year was my beloved 50mm lens, which I did ask for. I used it to take the photos for this post and I’m so in love with it – I can’t stop using it! My other lenses will be taking a backseat for a while. My other Santa present was a new dressing gown. My current one was really manky but I can’t be without a dressing gown so never had the chance to wash it – so ‘Santa’ got me a new one so my old one could finally be washed.

I also got these amazing brushes from Iconic London. I’ve alwats wanted to try this style of brush but I must admit, I’m pretty clueless on how to actually use them. I feel like if I rub with them, I’ll rub away my base but if I just pat with them it doesn’t blend enough. Advice is more than welcome.

My boyfriend and I got a joint present from my parents this year which puzzled me up until the minute we opened it. They paid for us to spend a night away at anywhere in the little book that came with the thing! Good description, I know. Basically, we get a prepaid lil holiday anywhere in the UK and I feel like deciding where to go will cause a few arguments…

My parents also got me some books, chocolate, a new purse and little bits and bobs pictured below. Yes that tiny elephant was 100 tiny pieces of tiny Lego, and yes I did build it. After 3 glasses of wine.

From extended family I got vouchers, money, pyjamas and makeup. My grandparents got me this amazing Ted Baker lip set which includes 2 lipsticks, a lip and cheek tint and a little mirror. The best part is it’s all rose gold!

L-R lipstick 1, lipstick 2, lip and cheek tint

Now for the gifts from my boyfriend! Him and his family really spoiled me this year and I’m honestly obsessed with everything they got me. My main present from him is the ABH Modern Renaissance palette which I’d wanted for ages but just couldn’t seem to buy. It’s so damn beautiful and I can’t wait to use it! Once I wash my makeup brushes…which is long overdue.

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He also got me some super fancy tea that I can’t wait to drink, a white Calvin Klein bralet, the most gorgeous rose gold ring ever and a rose gold mug for my tea! His mum got me a blue mermaid blanket, pyjamas and a chocolate fondue set! Well and truly chuffed with everything.

I feel incredibly lucky to have received so many presents from all my loved ones – I had a good Christmas-time and the return to work afterwards was soul-crushing. Now for New Year!



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