Welcome to another Blogmas post! Today I’m gonna talk about some of my favourite lip colours and lip saviours for the colder months. I struggle a lot to find decent lip balms that keep my lips from cracking so if you have any recommendations or posts about it, please leave links in the comments!


This one is a very vibrant, true red, and I never feel better than when I’m wearing a really good red lipstick. The staying power with this is also incredible, I only ever have to reapply it after I’ve had a drink/eaten – if I didn’t eat or drink all day (would not recommend) this lipstick wouldn’t budge!I love Rimmel lipsticks, they’re stuck good quality for the price.


I’m actually not a massive fan of Mac lipsticks, I only have a couple and Diva is one of the only ones I get any wear out of. This is probably the most Autumnal shade I own, it’s a really nice deep purple and surprisingly looks very nice with my ghost-like complexion. Same with the Rimmel lippie, this stays on so well all day. I think this is the most expensive one on my list (£13) which is still super affordable and would make a great Christmas gift!


A classic drugstore pick. I think most people have worn 107 at some point because it’s just such a classic Autumnal shade. It’s a very dark, vampy red which, again, doesn’t completely wash me out like many other dark shades tend to do. Given that it’s about £5, same as the other Rimmel lipstick, it stays on incredibly well. I only have to reapply once if I’m wearing it all day, more if I’m going to be eating and drinking (but that’s the same with any lipstick).


I feel like I very rarely wear nude lipsticks, but sometimes if you’re wearing lots of Autumnal coloured clothing a nice nude lipstick ties the outfit together very well. Before Honeylove came along, I was obsessed with Velvet Teddy (as I imagine everyone is). But after watching Anna Saccone’s videos/reading her blog, I splashed out and ordered Honeylove. I use Mac’s Soar lipliner underneath this and I love the colour it turns out. I find that nude lipsticks don’t stay on as long for me as other colours do – I think I’m just weird – but this is as close as I’ll get to a lasting nude.


Lip balm’s never seem to do anything for me, I’ve tried all the great ones (Burt’s Bees, Vaseline, etc) but the winter wind is vicious and loves to make my lips feel like they’re about to fall off. My Body Shop lip balm stays in whatever jacket I’m wearing that day, ready for me to apply when I need it. It was so inexpensive, I can’t remember exactly how much so as a rough estimate I’ll say £4. It’s also tinted a little bit, so it adds a nice glossy, subtle red to your lips. It’s not ideal if you’re already wearing lipstick (unless it’s red) but I have other balms suited to made-up lips.


I reviewed this when I got it in the SEPTEMBER GLOSSYBOX and here we are, it’s November and I’m still obsessed with it. As I wrote in my review, this is the most moisturising lip balm I’ve ever used. I find it a little hard to put the right amount on, sometimes I put waaaaay too much on and end up squeezing it directly into my mouth which does NOT taste good. You can put this lip balm on top of a matte lipstick (or any lipstick) and it will redry matte! Only difference being your lips feel like lips again and not like crusty horrible yucky things on your face. It’s £12 which is a little pricy for a little tube of lip balm, but it does last a while and you can’t say no to having hydrated matte lips, can you?!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Blogmas post, keep your eyes peeled for loads more!