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Another month, another favourites post. Comin’ for ya November!

I was very organised this month and wrote out a list of my favourites before sitting down to write this so I didn’t have the usual mad dash to round up anything I’d been loving that month.

First up we have a TV show – something not beauty, I know! I’m shocked too. My mum started watching Gilmore Girls a few months ago and finished the entire show in about a month and a half, then proceeded to nag me to watch it too. So a few weeks ago I started watching it too, and I’m hooked! I don’t know why it has taken me this long to watch it – it’s funny, heartwarming and just all-round amazing. It’s definitely worth a watch, if you haven’t already!

Champagne Pop by Becca is not a new release – I’ve had it for months and months and cry a little when I open it now because I’ve hit pan. This is the perfect Autumn highlighter – the soft peachy glow is so easily buildable and looks amazing on any skin tone. I usually build it up so it’s at it’s most intense; and then put another highlighter on top. Because if you aren’t gonna go all out, is there much point in even wearing highlighter?

I had never tried anything from Gerard Cosmetics before, I’d also not heard many reviews on anything so I was very much going in blind with this brand. But I was pleasantly impressed! The Slay All Day setting spray is now my go-to setting spray – sorry Nyx! I love how you can get it in different scents; I went for Peach, my all time favourite smell ever. Every last drop of this sinks into your skin, I always think I’ve sprayed too much but if you just sit for a minute the moisture will sink in. I struggle a lot with oily skin, but you pretty much can’t tell when I’ve used this. My new holy grail!

Another non-beauty item that I’ve been obsessed with – flavoured tea. I went through a funny spell with my anxiety a few weeks ago when I’d be feeling sick and tense pretty much 24/7. I figured the coffees and super sugary cups of tea weren’t really helping a lot – so I went out and got some yummy sounding flavoured teas. My favourites are Camomile & Maple, Camomile & Honey and Camomile & Spiced Apple. I think I like Camomile. These were all relatively inexpensive and SO yummy, I tend to keep the teabag in for a stronger flavour and I feel calmed instantly. I have a cup a night now!

I won’t say too much about this next thing because I’m planning a proper review post which will be up soon so keep an eye out! The Kylie Lip Kits are something that have been raved about by almost every beauty blogger I think, but I just never had any interest in buying any! It seemed like a lot of hassle to get your hands on one and the customs charge put me right off. But my mum got me some for my birthday! I got Mary Jo K and Posie K – the two shades I coincidentally had my eye on! Just to briefly review it, best liquid lipstick I’ve ever used.

So that’s everything that I’ve been loving throughout October! That month went far too quickly for my liking. But now that Halloween’s over, it’s time to get prepared for Christmas! Is anyone as unprepared as I am? Blogmas and presents and Christmas-ifying my room. HELP.

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