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Another lil skincare review for you – this time on Jouve’s skincare.

I was very kindly sent the Instant Tightening & Restoring Serum as well as the Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream which I’ve been testing out over the past few weeks. First thing I noticed was how amazingly it was packaged! A+ for presentation. I was actually really well restrained and didn’t rip into it until after I had taken photos. #number1blogger

I really like how in the boxes it came with a little intruction sheet that showed you where to put the stuff on your face! I mean, I pretty much just blobbed it all over my face anyway but it was nice to have the option to play by the rules.

SO LET’S GO. I’ll start off with the Brightening Cream since that’s the one I’ve been using a bit more. This one appealed a bit more than the Tightening Serum because I need my dark spots sorted more than I need my face tightening! This smells so good, it’s so citrusy and I really love that. I feel like this has helped my cheeks the most, I’ve always had quite bag pigmentation around my cheekbones but I think this has definitely helped clear that up. I also find that my skin is left so hydrated and soft and it actually looks like it has some life to it.

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I haven’t been using the Tightening Serum as much because I felt like I couldn’t get the amount of product right – I kept putting too much on and it would separate on my face. On the occasions where I didn’t get too excited and squeeze half the tube out, I felt it worked really well. You can definitely feel it tightening your face when you put it on, which is a feeling I quite like (some might disagree). I’m still only young so I can’t really judge whether it has reduced the appearance of fine lines but it also claims to improve the texture of skin, which is something I’ve found has worked. I’ve always had uneven texture and I feel like this has diminished considerably since using this.
Overall I really like both of these products – they both smell amazing and deliver the results that they promise. I’ll be genuinely sad when the Brightening Cream runs out, it’s one of those products you just know is doing some good.
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