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Yesterday I finally turned 19! I really wasn’t excited for my birthday this year, I have no idea why! But I still got some pretty amazing presents and had a lovely day. Just a disclaimer – I am in no way boasting about the things I received. I did a Twitter poll and 80% of you said you wanted to see what I got, and I don’t want to disappoint!

I’ve wanted a bag like this for SO long, I’d always go onto the MK website and wander past the shop looking at the bags. This one wasn’t really a surprise, I picked it out so I knew I was getting it but it was still super exciting to open it and see it properly.

These were a total surprise, my mum absolutely nailed it – I wasn’t expecting them at all. She got me the shades Mary Jo K and Posie K; I’ve not worn them for long enough to review either of them but keep an eye out, I will definitely be doing a separate post on these! Coincidentally, Mary Jo K was one of the shades I had been admiring previously, which just shows how well my mum knows me!

This one is more of a Christmas thing, like a 12 days of Christmas advent calendar. And I’ve actually been really good with it and only opened number 1 (a little BeneTint) but I can’t see the point in waiting until December so I’ll probably open the rest of them when I’ve finished writing this. It also sings when you open it at a certain angle which is a little annoying, but funny when your brother learns the words.

I remember being super excited when I opened this – I had been in Waterstones with my boyfriend a few days earlier and commented on this book, and he went back and bought it for me! I’ve seen Wicked once and have booked to see it again in London in November, so I’m definitely planning on reading this before!

Another book I got (from my parents) was The Woman in Cabin 10. Crime/mysteries are my favourite genre, I currently have about 4 at the side of my bed to read but I think this one might have to be pushed up to the top of my list.

This little guy is probably one of my favourites. For those of you that don’t know, elephants are my favourite animal and my boyfriend very kindly got me this little cute cuddly elephant toy. He even sprayed it with his aftershave so it smells amazing! I’ve been trying to think of a name for this little guy but I’m stumped, suggestions would be welcome!

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I also got quite a lot of candles this year – candles are my favourite and I light them pretty much every night. My parents got me the big cherry vanilla candle and my boyfriend got me the 3 Yankee Candle miniatures (Shea Butter, Pink Sands and Red Apple Wreath) plus the cute little Christmassy candle holder. I’m not gonna be running out of candles any time soon, that’s for sure!

My boyfriend also got me some Thornton’s vanilla fudge (my favourite) and a Game of Thrones tshirt but I spilled my breakfast on it because I insisted on putting it on as soon as I opened it…Typical me.

What’s on your birthday wishlist?