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The main reason I was so excited for my softbox to arrive was so that I could start doing some makeup posts! Autumn is my favourite season makeup-wise so I’m looking forward to sharing a few of my favourite looks with you all. Just a little disclaimer before we get started – I am by no means a makeup expert and I’m probably doing everything wrong but this is just how I do things. So let’s go!

So here is my yucky bare face – lots of spots and redness and unkemp eyebrows. I start off by priming with the Nivea Post Shave Balm – which I know people have stopped using because it clogs your pores or whatever but I’ve never had any problems, so it’s staying in my routine!

After I’ve primed I go straight in with my revolution colour correcting palette. I put the green on any redness I have and the yellow under my eyes, so I do look a lil crazy but it makes a huge difference in the appearance of my skin after putting foundation on.
The foundation I’m using today is NARS Sheer Glow – which I have a bit of a love hate relationship with. You can see my review on it HERE. I mix this with one drop of my lightening drops (featured in THIS post) then dab it around my face and blend in with the colour correcting.

Next up I go in with a little bit of my Benefit Boing concealer just to conceal any bits that the colour correcting didn’t quite get – on a good skin day I don’t even need the extra concealer. Under my eyes I use the classic Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, I couldn’t bear to use any other.

I contour with the Revolution Ultra Pro HD contour palette (found in THIS post) and then bronze up my cheekbones/forehead with NARS Laguna then sweep a little bit of Orgasm onto my cheeks. I tend to avoid the apples of my cheeks because I’m not a fan of the ‘china doll blusher’ look, but that’s just me!

Here we have me attempting to bake my face. I have no idea if I’m doing this right – I just use the flat end of my beauty blender to sweep the powder on and leave it there for a while. Please correct me if I’m doing this wrong – I’m always open to constructive criticism.

I use my Sleek eyebrow kit to make my eyebrows look a little more respectable, then we’re onto eyeshadow! I’m using the Morphe 35O palette and have numbered all the shades I used in the order I used them. In the photo shown I have used 1 across the whole lid and up towards my brow bone, then 2 in and around the crease which I’ve blended out.

Then I blended 3 across the whole lid and added in a little bit of 4 to the outer corners for ‘depth’ (ooh) and blendy blendy blend until it’s all…blended.

I then go in with my favourite ever Sephora glitter across my whole lid – this was definitely my favourite purchase from Sephora, it just adds a little something to an otherwise all matte eye look. I skipped eyeliner today, I couldn’t be bothered with the stress, so I just put on some RollerLash and that’s it for the eyes!

I used my 2 favourite highlighters together (Champagne Pop & Mary LouManizer) for a really intense glow, popped some liquid lipstick on (Nyx Soft Matte in 04 London) then sprayed using the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day setting spray in Peach and that’s me!

Look at that glow though.

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I hope you enjoyed this first lil everyday makeup look! I’m not even nearly MUA level good but hey, I’m trying.

What are your favourite Autumnal makeup looks?



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