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My bag is a treasure trove of reciepts and coppers. The occasional lost pack of gum. Like seriously, in one of my handbags I can’t see the bottom because of the amount of receipts in there. I try and clear it out regularly but honestly, I just can’t be arsed. So for that reason, I’ll be using a different handbag to show you…

The bag I use is a tote bag from Sighh Designs (obsessed with Polly and all her designs – check out her shop HERE) and I pretty much use it every day, it’s so cute and I’ve had numerous compliments on it. Also, everything on it is true. Those things are also in my bag on a daily basis but for the purposes of this post and to not disgust you with the truth, they will not be spoken about. Anyway, let’s dive in shall we!

First up is an essential, my purse. I bought this Carvela purse in the Asos sale a few months ago (for £22 I think) and I love it so much – it actually has space for my various store cards. I don’t even really use any of them, I think I use my Boots card and that’s about it. They make a nice collection in my purse though! There’s also a few sparse receipts in there but we don’t need to discuss my spending habits just yet.

I always keep a perfume in my bag. I’d feel like a part of me was missing if I’d forgotten my perfume. I used to carry around my Zoella Sweet Inspirations body mist but it set off the alarms in Tesco not once, but twice, so that just stays in my bedroom looking pretty now. I usually alternate between my various Daisy (Marc Jacobs) perfumes or my Romance (Ralph Lauren) perfume. So if you ever wanted to know what I smell like, there’s your answer!

Another essential to my everyday bag is a little purse full of ‘lady things’. If you know, you know. I tend to carry this around with me everywhere in case of an emergency, even if someone else has one. You can never be too safe.

I usually always carry some sort of lip product with me during the day, given that I will always be wearing some sort of lipstick. My current favourites are the Nyx Soft Mattes in either Zurich, Cannes or Stockholm and I also love my Maybelline Vivid Matte liquid lipstick. If you have any other liquid lipstick recommendations, I’d love to hear them – I love to try them out!

 PICTURED – NYX Soft Matte in Stockholm

I take my little blogging notebook around with my everywhere, just in case inspiration hits. It’s most likely to be in a really weird place when I’m nowhere near my house or my laptop, so this little notebook comes in handy. It’s also useful for when I’m on my breaks at work or on the train somewhere alone – I can take this out and plan my posts for the next few days!

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So I think that’s everything important that I keep in my everyday bag! We don’t need to talk about the gum-filled receipts that usually litter the bottom. I’ve got receipts coming out my ears.

What do you keep in your bag?



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