I was nominated by the ever so lovely MARIA to do the Versatile Blogger Award! Seeing as my boyfriend currently has my camera for his uni work and I was really in a blogging mood, this came around at a good time.

         THE RULES
  • Give a shoutout to the blogger who nominated you
  • Link them
  • Post 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 10-15 more bloggers for the award!

Huge thank you to the angel herself (you can find her blog HERE) for nominating me. Hands down one of my favourite blogs ever, so you have to go give her a read!

  • I am obsessed with true crime documentaries/crime tv shows – love me a good murder. Well, not good. Interesting. Sometimes I think I’d be good at criminology but in reality I don’t think I would be!
  • I’m extremely bad with money, my paycheck is spent within about a week of me being given it and I always leave myself with next to nothing. Currently have £3 and I’m running low on petrol. Let’s all pray for me.
  • I’m the worst at organisation, I really really try but it just doesn’t work. I have multiple cute blackboards hanging up in my room to try and make me be more organised but I’m too lazy to wipe off whatever I write on it. LIFE.
  • I love to read but I struggle to find time to. I’m also a rereader, I love to reread my favourite books which I know some people might find weird (my mum sure does). To each their own!
  • I’m a hugely sentimental person and struggle to throw anything out. Over the years I’ve kept cinema tickets, boarding passes, concert tickets and even a notebook from the hotel I stayed in with my boyfriend for my 18th birthday. 
  • I will always choose Dr Pepper over water. Which is quite bad, I really need to drink more water because I just don’t!
  • It’s my absolute dream to travel the world with my other half but given how dire my savings account looks right now, it’s most likely not an option.