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So I’ve had this blog for just about 4 months now (which sounds like no time at all but I feel like I’ve been blogging since forever) and I’ve made so many blogger friends but it came to my attention that nobody really knows anything about me. I know what you’re thinking, 18 facts is a strange number. It was originally gonna be 25 but I couldn’t think of that many so let’s pretend it was intentional!

 If you’ve read my Liebster Award post, which can be found HERE, you might know a little bit about me – but we’re all friends here so I think it’s time for an official ‘Facts About Me’ post!

    1. I was once featured in Shout Magazine reviewing mascara. CRINGE. I actually can’t think about that whole ordeal without wanting the ground to swallow me up. I think that’s where my blogger roots came from though. Thanks Shout!

    2. I have applied & gotten into University twice – and both times decided not to go. Hows that for indecisive?

    3. I left school in my second last year, I was 16 at the time and it was a scary decision but it was definitely the best choice for me!

    4. I’m an incredibly broody person. I want ALL the babies. If you have a baby and you’re near me, I will say hi to the baby before saying hi to you. Sorry.

    5. My favourite feel good film is definitely Beauty & The Beast. Belle is my favourite Disney Princess – that’s partly where my blog name comes from! My dad has called me Loulabelle since I was younger, I’m assuming the ‘Belle’ part came from my love of this film!

    6. I’ve been with my boyfriend (Max) for 2 years in October and he is the most supportive person when it comes to my blog! Always willing to take my OOTDs for me and telling me he’s proud of me. Melts my heart!

    7. I’m a feminist and I’m kinda not really sorry to say that I will think less of you if you aren’t a feminist. Who wouldn’t want equal rights for both sexes?!

    8. I was born on the 16th of October in 1997 – which makes me 18 years old as I’m writing this! Sounds so old yet so young.

    9. I’m a Libra – and I really love reading horoscopes even though I almost never believe them. Almost never…

    10. I’m really weird and rarely get thirsty. Like, if I don’t have a bottle of water near me at all times, I’ll most likely forget to drink. Which is BAD. Drink yo’ water.

    11. I’m probably the least organised person you’ll know. I have various notebooks and blackboards and things to help me plan out my life/blog, but it doesn’t work! I just go with the flow and so far it seems to work…

    12. I’m a spender, not a saver. I’m trying to change that – but I currently have nothing to save for! All you successful spending ban people, tips would be appreciated!

    13. I prefer savoury to sweet. Not a huge chocolate fan, so Easter is wasted on me, but I could probably eat all the crisps in the world. And then some more.

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    14. Elephants are my favourite animal – I could watch them do their thing all day. If I could have an elephant, I totally would. I almost wish they were puppy sized so I could have thousands of them. I also have a LOT of elephant jewellery.

    15. Linking into my previous point, my dream is to go to Thailand to see some elephants. I’ve only ever really seen them at the zoo which SUCKS because they’re so far away and not in their natural habitat. Also, Thailand just looks beautiful.

    16. I am a huge musical fan. I’ve seen Wicked and would LOVE to see Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera – I’ve seen the films and love the soundtrack. Also Moulin Rouge.

    17. I’m super duper sensitive – the slightest thing can make me extremely upset or angry. And then I’m literally fine about an hour later.

    18. I usually struggle to stay positive but since starting a blog I have been like a whole new person – I’m really noticing the difference in myself! Huge thank you to anyone and everyone who supports my blog and comments or talks to me on Twitter, you help me a LOT.

    So there’s 18 facts about me! I tried to make them kinda interesting – I hope you enjoyed reading them! What are some facts about you?