Hello, hi, review on stuff. LETS GO.

So I’d read a few posts on The Body Shops various new releases and the curious shopaholic in me just couldn’t resist trying out a whole load of stuff from the tea tree range. I opted for tea tree over any of the other ranges because of my problem skin – tea tree is supposedly AMAZING for acne! I picked up 3 things whilst in there (mainly due to the 3 for 2 offer). The face wash and 3-in-1 wash/scrub/mask were based off other bloggers’ reviews, and the anti-imperfection solution was a recommendation from the woman in the shop.


I’ve used this as both a scrub and a mask and it is AMAZING. I prefer it as a mask, it feels like it’s doing more when I leave it on for longer. But either way, it leaves my face feeling so fresh. Like, you know when your face feels so clean it’s cold? It does that. It feels so nice, but not harsh at all. The face mask does sting a little once you put it on, but if you can get past that it leaves your skin so soft. The scrub doesn’t irritate my skin at all – I have quite sensitive skin around my cheeks and nose, but this is perfectly suited!


I use this twice a day, every day, and again, it’s not too harsh on my sensitive skin. It doesn’t have quite the same fresh feeling afterwards as the scrub does, but I still really enjoy it. It’s quite thick and I tend to rub it in until it has sort of foamed up – I’m not sure if you’re supposed to, but oh well! I’m not really sure how much I can comment on this, I mean a face wash is a face wash. It cleans my face so it’s doing its job!


This is the really good stuff. I was unsure about it at first, I didn’t really know what it was (it’s a serum, basically). I was worried about it being a little too oily on my already oily skin, but it’s not like that at all. It dries into my skin within seconds and doesn’t affect the oiliness of my skin throughout the day.

The main thing I wanted to comment on was the effect all 3 have had on my skin together. I don’t think any one singular product has had a drastic effect, it’s been all of them used together. I’ve been on medication for my skin since I was about 14 – but recently I’ve had to come off it altogether to wait for a referral to a dermatologist. I bought these in the hope that they would help combat any bad breakouts that would result in me being off my acne medication, and so far, I’ve had no bad breakouts. I’m honestly astounded! I think I can safely say it’s purely the tea tree range that has helped – nothing else in my routine has changed and my diet/water consumption is not as good as it could be…

I have nothing but good things to say about this range – I will definitely be picking up some more bits to try out. I don’t think I have any photos for you because my skin is in crisis due to the 3 Chineses (Chinesi?) I had over the weekend, but you’ll just have to trust me when I say that before my takeaway relapse, my skin was the best it had been since I was about 12.

Have you tried any of the tea tree range?