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WARNING – very ranty and rambly.

So I wasn’t going to write a post on this given that I shared briefly what happened on my Twitter, but my mum seems to think it would be a good idea to discuss it. Thanks for the blog post idea mum! Anyway, my uni story has been a bit choppy and all over the place – I don’t think I’ll get into it fully in this post, we’ll see where I end up!

This year marks the end of my second gap year after leaving school – I was unsure about what I wanted to do so the best choice for me was to just wait and work until I was sure.

I was in Clearing after deciding teacher training was not the route I wanted to go down. I wasn’t expecting the course I wanted (Journalism) at the specific university I wanted to go to (Edinburgh Napier) to come up – and unfortunately this time I was right. I was hoping to find a course I liked the sound of, but the only things they had available were Nursing, Law and Engineering! None of which are for me. So of course, I was super upset by this point anyway but decided to widen my search.

The perfect course appeared at Stirling University – Journalism Studies with Film & Media! I started to feel hopeful, and even excited about getting to study such an exciting combination! So I phoned up Stirling, giddy with excitement, only to be told I’m not eligible for the course. Yep, I was discriminated against because of my postcode. The government wouldn’t fund me to do the course because I live in a nice area – spaces on the course were reserved for those from ‘worse’ backgrounds.

Firstly – why was this not stated anywhere on the website? After taking years to finally be ready to go to university, only to be told at the last hurdle that I can’t. Would’ve saved me the devastating phone call! Secondly – how ridiculous is that! Personally, I don’t think where you live should determine whether you get into uni or not. If you have the determination and the grades, you can go anywhere – regardless of your background. Pissed off doesn’t even cover it! *eye-rolling emoji*

I’m trying to not let it get to me – I’ve had my few days of being angry and upset and I’m determined to have a good year. I’ll hopefully find a job I enjoy more, I’d like to travel a bit and also improve my blogging. I will probably be super pissed off about this until the day I die (okay, exaggerating a bit..) but can you blame me?!

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Being told you can’t go to university when you FINALLY feel ready is a feeling I hope I never come across again! Basically – Scottish government, you SUCK.

If you read up until this point – well done. Wish me luck on the job applications – I’m gonna need it!



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