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I am a huge fan of The Body Shop – skincare and makeup are two of my favourite things and they stock both. I always feel a little overwhelmed going in, everyone is so nice and there are just so many products to play with! Myself and JODIE decided to collaborate and talk about our 3 favourite items from The Body Shop – I will leave all her links at the end of this post, be sure to check her out!


(Fun drinking game – take a shot every time I say oil)

My favourite thing in the world. Tea tree oil has been my saviour for so many reasons. At first I was very unsure about putting oil on my already too oily skin, but it hasn’t increased the oiliness. What it has done instead, is massively reduce scarring and dark marks (deatheaters) left over from previous spots. It also leaves my skin crazy smooth and soft after every use. I try to not use this in the morning because the excess oil will alter the state of my makeup but it’s perfect to use at nighttime – the oil has soaked in by morning and my skin is normal.

The only bad thing I have to say is it’s SO EXPENSIVE. It’s like £8 for a 10ml bottle, which is very small and doesn’t last very long! I can look past this though, I’ve wanted clear skin for the longest time and if this helps me acheive it, it’s a small price to pay.


Another tea tree item! Love me some tea tree. I think this was the first face mask I ever used – back when I was like 13 and the tea tree face mask was all the rage. I still love it though, and although I defer from it slightly and I use other face masks, this is a must have in my collection. Tea tree is good for acne and I like to use this face mask when my skin is feeling particularly bad. I think the fact I’ve been repurchasing this since I was 13 speaks for itself – it’s an amazing, relatively cheap face mask that works wonders.


The final of my 3 is a good old classic body butter – mine is ‘Early-Harvest Raspberry’ and personally I think it smells like Christmas. I thought it was Cranberry scented at first, but nope! I think maybe I got this at Christmas time or something because I can’t think of why else it would remind me of that?! I like to use this after shaving, before I go to bed. It takes a while to sink in so I need to do it a little while before I go to bed or I’ll stick between my sheets.

Because it is a more heavy duty moisturiser it does leave my skin the softest it could ever be – so that little bit more effort rubbing it in definitely feels worth it. If I want a lighter moisturiser (as I usually do in summer) I will opt for The Body Shop sorbet in the Moringa scent. Much lighter, and such a summery scent!

One product that I think deserves a special mention (although it has not been photographed) is my Camomile Cleansing Butter. Unfortunately, I had to ruin the packaging in order to get to the actual product, which was so disappointing! It’s now pretty much unphotographable, but once I repurchase I will be sure to include it in some reviews or a favourites post (spoilers!).


What are your favourite The Body Shop products?

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