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My July Glossybox actually came on time so I can review it IN JULY!! I was very pleasantly
surprised. Anyway, I loved this months box a lot more than last months, I can pretty much guarantee everything will be getting used!

Again, so beautifully packaged and again, I tore into it before photographing. It’s just too exciting!! Lets get started!


As well as keeping you fresh in the heat, this anti-perspirant works double duty by helping to combat unwanted underarm hair.

A FULL SIZED PRODUCT!! A full 250ml of deodorant!! Holy moly. I don’t actually use spray anti-perspirants, I use roll-ons, but I’m really intrigued by this. Soft & Gentle is a brand I used to love too, so I know I can trust them! I’m slightly skeptical about the whole ‘hair minimise’ thing but I suppose I’ll have to give it a go and see!


This densely bristled brush coats every lash for maximum impact. The formula also contains keratin proteins to nourish.

I’ve never actually tried a Collection mascara before, but I swear by their concealer. I’ve been too in love with Roller Lash to actually try any drugstore mascaras but I’ll be giving this a fair go!


This ergonomically designed brush fits into the palm of your hand to carefully detangle wet hair without snagging and tugging.

I’m not sure about this brush, I have used it but I think I prefer my Tangle Teezer. It’s the perfect travel size but I wouldn’t dare travel with it because there’s nothing to protect the bristles! I just find it’s too small and tricky to tame my incredibly tuggy hair. Like seriously, I brush it and 2 minutes later it’s tuggy again. This brush unfortunately doesn’t seem to combat that!


The short, dense synthetic fibres make this brush ideal for applying liquid, cream or powder makeup.

I was WAY too excited to see a brush included in this months Glossybox. Like, beyond acceptable excited. I haven’t used this yet, I was waiting to photograph it (good blogger) but I’m so excited to! It feels so soft and I’ve read a couple of good reviews on it already. It retails at £11.99 so I don’t think it would be a cheapy brustles-falling-out kinda brush.


Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins C, B5, B6, B9 & K, the anti-ageing nutrient Hyaluronic acid & an all organic tanner- this super moisturising night crème is all you need to give your face that holiday glow.

This one wasn’t included in the ‘Discover The Box’ leaflet, which I thought was weird! But anyway, basically this is a gradual face tanner. I like gradual tanners, they’re harder to mess up than instant tanners! I’ll need to tan my body up a little bit before using this because I’m startlingly pale right now, but I think I’ll get some use from this. I hate being pale!

So overall, I was super impressed with this Glossybox and I can’t wait to see next months!

If you got this months Glossybox, did you enjoy it?

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