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One of the things I was most excited about whilst on holiday was shopping. Sad, I know. But spending lots of money on holiday always feels like you’re spending less money. Well, for me anyway.

So when I spied the NARS counter in the Sephora in Verona (Italy) I just knew I had to pick up their foundations. I’ve heard more people go on about Sheer Glow than ADLW but I picked both up to test out!

I’d like to start off by saying that my skin is very VERY much combination. Oily patches, dry patches, normal patches. If I use foundations specifically targeted at oily skin, my skin turns dry. And vice versa with dry skin products. I know that Sheer Glow is more targeted at dry skin and ADLW more targeted at oily skin (the woman in Sephora even told me that SG would not work with my skin) but I was so desperate to try them both out!


All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation creates instant polished perfection with every drop. Its uniquely fluid, oil-free formula reinvents long-wear foundation, delivering full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear. 

I picked up this one in the shade Santa Fe, which matches my skin almost perfectly with a tan. I will have to nip in to my nearest Space NK to get matched for my actual pale self shade but I’m waiting to see which foundation I’d like to purchase again.

This foundation is very watery, I was actually quite surprised. I put it on my hand and I thought, no way is that going to cover anything. But low and behold, it does as it says and delivers full and natural looking coverage. It definitely looks and feels weightless but doesn’t dull your skin. I always have trouble getting foundations to look good on my skin all day but this one looks as good after 6 hours as it did in the morning. I haven’t worn it for the full 16 hours that it claims to last but I actually have no doubts that it will last that long.


Sheer Glow Foundation creates a luminous, satin-like texture to the skin. Although the foundation can be built up for more coverage, this is the go-to product for a transparent, weightless foundation with sheer to medium coverage. 

I also got this in Santa Fe and it appears to be a little bit lighter than ADLW so I think if you’re looking to pick up ADLW and already have Sheer Glow I’d go a shade lighter. Or just get matched. Yeah, get matched.

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I’m not sure how I feel about this foundation really. It is good, it reflects so nicely in pictures but it seems to cling to my dry patches a bit more than ADLW and doesn’t seem to last as long on my skin. It does have a certain luminosity to it when I first apply it but that seems to fade the longer I wear it. I’m gonna keep trying it though, with different primer/foundation brush combos to see if that has any effect on the wear of it. One annoying thing about this is that the pump is sold separately (ADLW comes with the pump). I bought the pump but now the lid doesn’t fit, making it impossible to take this away anywhere! I’d be far too afraid that it would all empty because there’s no lid.

So I think I definitely prefer ADLW and as it stands right now I’ll probably go back and purchase that in my proper shade. I know lots of people love Sheer Glow but ADLW seems to last much longer with my skin type and looks much nicer.

If you use a NARS foundation, which do you use?



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