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Since I’ve spoken about the products I will always repurchase, I figured I should talk about some of the products that I will NOT repurchase. Only seems fair, right?

First up is a product that I have used a LOT. Like 3 bottles worth. It’s the Garnier Micellar Water, and I actually got on quite well with it at first. Until I tried Simple’s Micellar Water, which was 10000x better. The Garnier one is good at removing eye makeup, but in terms of foundation, it just doesn’t. It bundles it all up at the edge of my face and it looks awful. I still use this as there’s quite a bit left (my mum bought me it) so I still use it to remove eye makeup but once it’s gone, it wont be coming back.

Next up is a Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful mist. There is actually nothing wrong with this, I still love it, I just prefer her newer mist a lot more. So once this runs out (it only has a few sprays left) I will be moving on to her new mist. You can read my review on some products from her new beauty range HERE.

I bought the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion hoping it would clear up any stupidly bad spots I had, but all it seemed to do was sting my face and cause a lot more dry patches. I don’t even think I’ll finish this, I much prefer using tea tree oil on my spots now, so the Drying Lotion will either be sold or thrown away.

Does anyone else struggle to find a BB Cream that is actually the right colour? I bought this L’oreal BB Cream in the shade Light, and as it comes out the tube it is white but when you rub it in, it turns bright orange. Which I cannot get my head around. Light? Orange? Something isn’t right. This seems to have happened with the majority of BB Creams I get, so I’ve offiially given up. Again, I probably won’t finish this or even use it.

I had heard people rave about the Revlon Colorstay foundation so I decided to see what the hype was about and buy it myself. I bought the Oily/Combination formula in the shade Ivory and there was not one thing that agreed with my skin. Wrong shade, and the wrong formula. Which, to be fair, was my fault, but I can guarrantee I will not be repurchasing this. Given that it was £12.99 I’m far too tight to buy myself the correct shade/formula until it’s on offer.

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The final thing I will not repurchase is the Max Extended Play mascara. I just think this is rubbish! I usually like Mac products, but this is probably one of the worst mascaras I’ve tried. It does nothing to my lashes, doesn’t lift them or make them more volumised. I really should just throw it out but I seem to form an attachment to all my makeup and struggle getting rid of it. Even if it’s empty. Which this will never be.

That’s enough negativity for one day! What are some products you won’t repurchase?

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