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The New Look Pure Colour beauty range is something that really intrigued me – I love New Look for their clothes and accesories so I had high hopes for this range. Some products are better than others and there are still a lot more products I haven’t tried but I thought I’d review the products I already have.

I’ll start off with their matte liquid lipsticks, I have two – Plum and Mink – alongisde a lipliner pencil. While these are both beautiful colours, they are incredibly drying. Like a crazy amount. I was so disappointed with the pigmentation of the lipliner as well, I just couldn’t see it on my lips. I’ve worn Plum for a whole day and felt like my lips were about to crumble off, and after a few minutes Mink looks awful. I haven’t tried heavily exfoliating or moisturising yet but I don’t think these will be getting used an awful lot, which is very disappointing. Although, one positive thing that can be said about these is that they don’t fade at all throughout the day – they are quite hard to get off! 

The nail polishes are probably my favourite from this range so far, they go on very well and only need two or three coats. I’m rubbish at painting my nails so they chip after a few days but I’m sure they’d last an awful lot longer if I actually tried. I have the shades Light Brown and Deep Pink and a matte top coat, which I love. I use the matte top coat almost every time I paint my nails.

This nude eyeshadow palette is so beautifully simple, there are 4 shades – 2 matte, 2 shimmer, all very very wearable. They seem very pigmented too, I’ve not given it a proper go yet but when swatching them they look amazing, so I’m interested to see how they will turn out.

Some of the products from this range are very disappointing but some are better, there are still so many products to try out – they have a brush cleanser, foundations, concealers and highlighters which I’d like to try so keep your eyes peeled for further reviews.

 Swatches from the eyeshadow palette – top swatch is the shimmery light brown at the right of the palette. Then there is a matte brown, a light shimmery white/nude and a matte white.

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 More swatches of the eyeshadow palette and swatches of the lip products. Top is the lipliner, second is Plum matte liquid lipstick, a deep red, and bottom is Mink liquid lipstick, a gorgeous light pink.

What are your favourite products from the Pure Colour range? 

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