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Given that I have been wearing makeup for a long, LONG time (due to having rubbish skin from age 13) I’ve had a while to discover what my favourite beauty products are. Some of them have only been in my makeup bag for a few months, some of them for years (obviously repurchased) but they are the products I repurchase over and over.

First up is my holy grail Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I love this concealer to death and I honestly think if I was ever without it, I’d be incredibly lost. It works so well at concealing everything on my face, and it’s the best for under-eye bags. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this concealer, there’s a reason why it’s always sold out at my local Boots.

Next up is a product that was recommended to me by a friend. I am probably the worst in the world at contouring, I just can’t do it. I watch the tutorials, I copy them, but nope, it still looks rubbish on me. The Sleek contour palette is probably the closest I’ve gotten to being able to contour. The powder blends beautifully and the highlighter in the middle is beautiful, somtimes I use that instead of my Becca highlighters. The only one I don’t use is the blush; there’s nothing wrong with it, there are just others I prefer over it. Overall, it’s the best contour kit I’ve used so far.

I had been eyeing up the Zoeva brushes for a while and finally gave in and purchased them about a year ago (I think). They are my favourite brushes and I use them every single day. I try to clean them 2-3 times a week (but we all get lazy, right?) and so far I’ve only noticed the tiniest bit of shedding with the contour brush. Other than that, they are incredible brushes and I highly doubt I will ever stop using them.

I hadn’t used a setting spray (or primer) up until this year, and it seems so silly to me that it took me this long to use it. I didn’t want to splash out on any expensive setting sprays so I opted for the Nyx matte one. It was about £7 and, in my opinion, works incredibly well. It does keep my face matte and keeps my makeup on for as long as I need it to. Unfortunately, after I had dermabrasion done it left my skin very dry so the matte spray left ugly dry patches all over my face. Eek. So I purchased the dewy finish spray, which so far seems to be working just as well as the matte one, just obviously not matte. Until these stop working for me altogether, I see no reason to purchase the Urban Decay setting spray as of yet.

I had seen lots of people using this palette but I didn’t know I needed it until I got it. It has become one of my favourite palettes to use, the eyeshadows come in beautiful and very pigmented colours and you can create so many different looks. The fact it smells (and tastes…don’t ask) like chocolate is just a bonus.

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Another one of my favourite palettes is the Naked basics palette. This is so perfect for an everyday brown matte eyeshadow look, which I have done a fair few times over the past few months. The eyeshadows blend really well and all the colours match so there’s no need to debate which one’s to use, which is good for someone as indecisive as me.

I think I’ve rambled on enough now, I’d love to hear about youre long-time beauty faves are in the comments!


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