Packing and unpacking is without a doubt the worst part about going on holiday. I end up taking way too much with my in my suitcase just in case I want multiple outfit options. Instead of delving into the mess that is my suitcase, I’ve decided to share with you what I’m taking in my hand luggage!

My bag is a black backpack from Primark – it’s the same one I use every time I go on a plane. It’s very easy to carry and has enough space for everything I need.

First up is the essential. Sunglasses. God forbid you forget these! I’ll be taking 2 pairs with me, an ASOS pair and a Primark pair, in their little black bags so they dont get scratched or broken.

Another essential, a book. I usually put more in my suitcase but I’ll have at least one book in my hand luggage in case I feel like reading on the plane. Time passes very slowly on planes! These are three of my favourite books, I highly recommend all of them!

I’ve only recently started taking two purses on holiday with me – one for English money and one for whatever other currency I need. It was far too much hassle having to rummage around a big pouch of change for the correct currency! The black purse is from New Look and the tan purse is by Carvela, bought from ASOS.

All my gadgets (phone, camera, iPad) and their chargers go in my hand luggage to keep them un-broken. I can’t even imagine how devastating it would be to find your iPad smashed taking it out of your suitcase! I’ll be taking lots of pictures throughout my holiday to Italy so keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts on my holiday.

What do you take in your hand luggage?


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