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The Zoella Sweet Inspirations range has probably been reviewed by just about everyone by now but that’s not stopping me from posting my own! I didn’t realise I neede these products in my life until I saw them displayed in Superdrug. How adorable is that packaging?!?!?! They look incredible displayed on my desk and I almost don’t want to use them because they look so good.

I think this is possibly my favourite Zoella scent, it’s not too overpowering and it smells more grown up…if that makes sense at all. I feel like this range would appeal to more young adults, as apposed to her other ranges which I feel appeal more to younger buyers. 

The mist is perfect for an everyday, not too heavy scent. It smells sweet but not sickly and to be honest, I adore it. I want to douse my clothes and bedsheets in it and smell it all day. 

The body cream Double Creme is macaron scented, and while I prefer the smell of the mist this is a gorgeous smell too. It’s quite a thick cream but dries in quite quickly and doesn’t leave you sticky for ages so there’s no awkwardly sitting half naked waiting to get dressed, which is always a bonus!

The bath latte is the best looking product, in my opinion. Just look at how cute it is! It’s a milk bottle! With a copper cap – I LOVE copper (as does every other beauty blogger I’m sure). It’s not too strongly scented and leaves my skin so soft after using it.

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Overall, it’s way too hard to pick a favourite. I think it’s a toss up between the body mist and the bath latte. They had other products there, the bath fizz and other bath products alongside a cute little bag, but I rarely have baths and I have enough bags as it is. Plus I’d already spent way too much money on other beauty bits by that point so I think settling for these three was more than enough!

What are your favourite products from the Sweet Inspirations range? 

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