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Makeup and skincare is my weakness when it comes to spending money. I rarely drop a huge amount of money on clothes – it’s always always always skincare and makeup, so I thought I’d share some of my more recent beauty purchases. Warning – it’s a long one!

I’ll start with the most recent – and my favourite – the Alice in Wonderland palette by Urban Decay. I was initially only going in to have a look at the palette, but the employee told me I needed it and it was 10% off so of course I had to have it!

At first glance it looks overrun by brighter shades, but it’s actually very wearable! I haven’t had the chance to properly try this out yet, I’ve tried out a few shades but I can already tell they are very pigmented and blend very easily! A few of my favourite shades are Heads Will Roll (fourth shade, top row), Salazen Grum (fourth shade, third row) and Paradox (second shade, third row). The shade Lily (third shade, top row) also makes a gorgeous highlighter – it has a slight iridescent pink shimmer.

The next thing that I picked up and was very excited about was some Coconut Oil. I had been meaning to pick some of this up for aaaages but only just got around to it this week! I recently had Dermabrasion done and it has left my skin very dry in certain patches, I’ve been using this as a moisturiser over the past few days hoping it would make a difference. It hasn’t been long enough for me to fully tell but I have high hopes! I’ve also used it as a makeup remover, which worked VERY well, and I plan to use it on my hair as well! It’s just such a versatile product and I have no idea why it took me so long to pick some up.

I’ve been using the Pixi Glow Tonic for the past 5 months and I’ve been loving it, so I decided to branch out and look and some of their other products. I haven’t been trying the Mud Mask for very long so I can’t fully review it yet. I feel like it doesnt make as much of a difference as a few of my other face masks but I’m going to give it a fair go!

I had been pining after the Mary Lou Manizer by theBalm for quite a while, but couldn’t quite bring myself to buy it. I use my Becca Champagne Pop every day so I couldn’t see the point in adding another highlighter to my stack that don’t get used, but low and behold, I did it anyway. I find it’s really good for a subtle highlight; it doesn’t glow as much as Champagne Pop, but you don’t have to pack a lot of that product on, whereas I feel like with Mary Lou Manizer you would have to. That said, it’s still a beautiful highlighter and I’d like to think I give it a fair go at illuminating my face.

The next product I’ve been trying out is the Nip+FAB Dragons Blood Pumping Serum. I’ve read some good reviews about this so I wanted to try it out and I really do feel like it’s made a difference. I think it does plump my skin and make me look a bit healthier. One thing I’m more reluctant to spend lots of money on is serums, and I can’t remember the exact price of this one but it was not expensive at all.

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Next up is another product I’ve been meaning to pick up for a while – Tea Tree Oil. It was actually my mum that told me this was good for spots so I figured I may as well try it – I’m desperate! I’ve only been using it a few days so I can’t tell you whether it’s made an improvement or not, but I really hope it will!

The final addition to my beauty collection in the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. It looked good on Jamie Genevieve but I don’t think it looks good on me at all. Maybe from the side, where you can really see the shimmer, but from the front the undertones act more like a bronzer than a highlighter on my skin. It looks too dark and it’s not the look I’m going for with my makeup, which is a huge shame because it’s gorgeous to look at.

I hope you enjoyed my recent additions to my beauty collection, I’d love to hear about some of your recent purchases!


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