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If you haven’t already, I would suggest watching this video made by beauty vlogger Em Ford, aka MyPaleSkin, titled ‘You Look Disgusting’.

In the video she reveals some of the horrible comments she received after posting photos without makeup. She was called “ugly” and “disgusting”, alongside dozens of other awful remarks.

Some comments included “this is why I have trust issues”, which appears to have been a common theme on social media – shaming women for ‘altering’ their appearance using makeup. I think that if wearing makeup boosts your confidence and makes you feel good then do it! Alternatively, if you feel great with no makeup, you don’t need to wear it. Nobody else’s opinion matters.

It’s a scary thing to leave the house without makeup, which is something a lot of people probably wont understand, but having bad skin completely ruins your confidence. The hardest thing to hear is that letting your skin breathe and going bare faced is the best thing for it, which is true, but it’s a very daunting thought.

Personally, I found some of the comments included in the video to be quite hurtful as it’s things you believe to be true and you believe other people are thinking about you. The difference between my skin compared to 2 years ago is astonishing and it’s still not perfect, but nobody should feel forced to cover it up.

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